Aitor Garcia



Aitor is a natural guitarist from Barcelona who has a warm sound and subtle expressiveness as his hallmark. Thanks to his way of interpreting music, he manages to keep the listener surrounded by the environment full of timbres and colors. These interpretive nuances come largely from the tradition of the Catalan school of guitar, as among his teachers we can find Àlex Garrobé and Guillem-Pérez Quer.

Aitor has received advice from important guitar soloists such as: Zoran Dukic, Margarita Escarpa, Pavel Steidl, Ricardo Gallén, Aniello Desiderio, among others.

He was invited to develop his soloist work at emblematic places in Barcelona, such as Teatrino del Liceu, el Auditori, el Palau Güell or el Recinto Modernista de la Torre de las Aguas de Barcelona, also in this city. He has participated in international festivals such as the Hersbruck Guitar Festival in Germany, the Vasaros Klavisas muzikiniai pokalbiai or the Kretingale Muzikinis Festivalis in Lithuania. In 2019 he made his debut in China, performing recitals in the city of Beijing.

 Apart from all of the above he carries out important educational work, both nationally and internationally. On the one hand he is a member of the teaching staff of the Escola Municipal de Castellar del Vallés, as well as the Chamber Music Summer Course at Castellar de´n Hug, where he has been giving classes since 2014. As for his international teaching work, he has participated in the Masterclasses for students from the Xi’aN and Beijing conservatories in China. He is usually invited to form part of the jury at different international competitions for young performers.

 In March 2022, he recorded his first album entitled “Homenajes” under the JSM Records record label in which the Guitarlift brand collaborated on the project.

During the years I was teaching Aitor Garcia at ESMUC, I was able to experience a very unusual honesty in his work. His concentration and persistence made him a serious  and efficient performer, attentive to the text. Having him later as a colleague at the Barcelona School of Music, I have been able to notice that, over the years, he has become an excellent teacher who achieves magnificent results based on a deep knowledge of technique and music, always respecting the personality of each student.

Àlex Garrobé (Concert player and guitar teacher at ESMUC) 




April 2022

Homenajes is a record in which the recorded composers pay tribute to relevant musicians of classical and jazz music.



«Undam duo is a chamber ensemble formed by guitarist Aitor Garcia and violinist Ariadna Gabarrell. Both atteined their university degree at ESMUC and later on expanded their knowledge with masters and postgraduates with the most relevant teachers and performers of the moment.»


«At the beginning of the 20th century the revival of the guitar was produced, a fact that has been supported by great musicologists specialized in the instrument. The project we are presenting is based on carrying out a concert in which some of the most representative classical guitar works from the 20th century is presented.»


June 2022

Homenaje a Debussy

with the support of Guitarlift ( )

June 2022

La misma luz de entonces – I Rubato

with the support of Guitarlift ( )

June 2022

La misma luz de entonces – II Improvisatorio

with the support of Guitarlift ( )

June 2022

La misma luz de entonces – III Enérgico

with the support of Guitarlift ( )

March 2015

M. de Falla Homenaje a Debussy

November 2018

Suite Buenos Aires: Pompeya – M.D. Pujol

January 2017

Elegie – Johann Kaspar Mertz

January 2017

Snata para guitarra – Antonio José


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